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Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice

The Saudi Ministry of Justice is the ministry responsible for all administrative and financial matters related to the judiciary, law, and courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ministry administers general and specialized courts in commercial, labor, and personal affairs, as well as enforcement and appeal courts.
With regard to the administrative and financial aspect, in addition to taking over the financial, administrative, organizational and supervisory supervision of the documentation work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through notaries, notaries or marriage contract officials, in addition to licensing practicing and trainee lawyers.
According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019, the Kingdom achieved the 16th rank globally, advancing 8 positions from the previous year in the Judicial Independence Index. With regard to the efficiency indicator of the legal framework for settling disputes, the Kingdom jumped 4 positions, to be ranked 17th globally, while remaining 11th in the “Harmony” indicator. Legal Framework for Digital Business.” In the efficiency index of the legal framework for challenging regulations, 11 places advanced to become 18th globally.
Likewise, the Kingdom advanced in the indicators of contract enforcement and registration of real estate ownership within the Ease of Doing Business 2020 report issued by the World Bank Group, as it moved to 51st place in the first indicator after it was ranked 59, and it moved to 19th place in the second indicator after it was ranked 24
, the first action to help them, was to provide comfortable furniture for the work, providing them with spaces to put more than one device on a single office, and to put screens in front of their eyes to compare the numbers.

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