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King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

King Abdelaziz City for Science and Technology, a governmental scientific institution with an independent legal entity attached to the President to the Prime Minister, is located in Riyadh. In 1977 under the name of the Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology, and in 1985 the center was changed to King Abdelaziz City for Science and Technology The city conducts applied scientific research to serve development and provide scientific advice at the national level. It plays a key role in planning for science and technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including participating in the preparation of national plans for science, technology and innovation and developing the necessary strategies for their implementation, supporting scientific research programs and projects for applied purposes and working on developing mechanisms to transform the outputs of scientific research and technical development into industrial products, in addition to Providing specialized scientific services in the fields of information, scientific publishing and patent registration. The city seeks to coordinate with government agencies and scientific institutions and research centers in the Kingdom in the areas of applied scientific research and exchange of information and experiences, as well as establishing partnerships through scientific cooperation between the Kingdom and international scientific institutions. and development in the Kingdom.

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